Sam Raimi is dragging his heels on making Evil Dead 4, but to get us to calm down in the meantime, he's dragging Alison Lohman to hell. He'll return to making blockbusters like Spider-Man 4 eventually, but right now he's busy giving charming interviews to MTV about his new movie, which sounds like the best thing to hit pulpy horror since, uh, Evil Dead.

"I think the title should describe the product," Raimi explained about his aptly titled movie. "Like, if I was shopping for applesauce, I'd want a big label that says "applesauce" on the front of the jar. For a horror movie, it should be something that grabs you and represents what the experience is going to be. It's the same way with applesauce."

He went on to compare his movie to the carnival game "spook-a-blast," and shared the story of the time he dressed up as Barney the dinosaur for a children's birthday party. That entire story is worth repeating here: "I've never seen children more frightened. They ran away, and I found them hiding behind a little orange tree. To show them it was OK, I took the head off to show them it was me underneath — and that sent them into hysterics! I didn't know that I'd be scarier than the Barney face. In a way, I think that was the most effective costume I've ever had. "

Raimi also offered up some images from Drag Me to Hell, featuring Alison Lohman and Justin Long, several of which you can see below. But the entire article is well worth reading. Sam Raimi may be a rich bastard now, but he's definitely a funny one too.

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