We’ve had a few still image glimpses of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides set, but thanks to ET we now have our first ever video from the film. The televised entertainment magazine is spending the month of December bragging about their visit to the set, and in the midst of talking about how exclusive their access is, they’re also showing off tons of actual footage from the film along with a pretty great look at what’s been happening on the Pirates 4 set with Johnny Depp.

You’ll have to fight through ET’s incessant bragging and annoying style to get to any of the good stuff, but if you do you’ll learn that the movie begins with Captain Jack Sparrow in Europe searching for the Black Pearl (he really sucks at keeping track of that damn ship). While in Europe he ends up in some sort of carriage jumping sequence which is so complicated it’s taking them two weeks to film. Later, he and a bunch of pirates will try to stab mermaids in the water. No, really. It’s all in the video embedded below:

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