Today has been a mixed day for Spider-Man fans. Things started out great when some new photos from the set found their way online this morning that showed off our first look at a fully-costumed wall-crawler (albeit from very far away), but things took a turn for the worse when it was revealed a little while ago that J. Jonah Jameson, one of the most important characters in the Spider-Man universe won't be appearing in the film. While no amount of on-set footage can fully heal that damaging blow, it doesn't hurt.

TMZ has posted the first video from the Sony production and it's a pretty good one too. Not just a shot of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy kissing like we've seen in set photos before, this is an actual action sequence that features our favorite arachnid superhero chasing down and flipping into a truck. While the costumed hero has his mask on, we can probably assume that it's not star Andrew Garfield doing the stunt (the guy is awesome, but I don't think he's reached that level of awesome yet.

Head on over to TMZ to watch the video and catch the first glimpse of the new Spider-Man in action.

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