I seriously hate math (thank god I'm in a job where I'm not required to do any), but asking me to be afraid of numbers is a concept that I have a really hard time getting behind. First Joel Schumacher and Jim Carrey tried to do it in 2007 with The Number 23 and then Alex Proyas and Nicolas Cage tried to give it a shot with 2009's Knowing. Now Darren Lynn Bousman is going to try and convince us that we should be scared of November 11. Will it work this time? Probably not.

The Saw II filmmaker has taken to his personal Vimeo account to launch the newest trailer for his upcoming horror/thriller 11-11-11. In the film, a man returns home to Spain to take care of his dying father and reconnect with his brother. After getting in a car crash, he sees a pattern emerge in all of the major events of his life: they all have to deal with the numbers 11-11. What he doesn't realize, however, is that an otherworldly, unholy creature is set to come into our world at 11:11 on November 11, 2011.

Check out the trailer below.

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