The first trailer for Get Him To The Greek has debuted online at, and if for some reason you had doubts about the potential awesomeness of another movie about Forgetting Sarah Marshall's loony rock star Aldous Snow, this trailer should set your mind at ease. Even without a red-band (a big deal for an R-rated comedy), the trailer is hilarious and energetic and pretty much everything you want to see in a comedy's first trailer.

Starring Brand as Aldous Snow and Jonah Hill as the young music company exec charged with getting Aldous to Los Angeles's Greek Theater in time for a concert, the movie looks like an epic road trip comedy that spans continents, multiple ridiculous night clubs, and a lot of trashed hotel rooms. It also has what seems to be the first comedic acting performance from Sean "Puffy" Combs-- and he looks pretty good! With all the raunchy humor and the early June release date, Get Him to the Greek will inevitably be pegged as this summer's The Hangover, but I think it looks much more inventive than that. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

Watch in glorious HD at

For a first look at the Get Him to the Greek poster and tons of insane images from the film, just click on any of the sample photos below:

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