Late on Sunday night, the first look at Martin Campbell's Green Lantern came online as part of a preview for Entertainment Tonight. Though only thirty seconds long, viewers were concerned about the quips made by Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds, who is a pretty serious character in the comics. Now that the full trailer is online, those that were worried can relax.

Apple has posted the first official extended look at the DC Comics film. Starring Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Peter Sarsgaard, a test pilot is given a powerful ring that not only makes him a member of the elite intergalactic Green Lantern Corps, but gives him the ability to create anything he can think of with green energy. Using these new powers and responsibilities, he is tasked with fighting evil, both on this world and on others.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over at Apple.

Yes, the quips are still there, but unlike the Entertainment Tonight spot, they hardly dominate the tone. Instead, the bulk of the trailer actually seems quite serious, Hal unsure that he has the fortitude to take on the incredible responsibilities that he's been given. I'm still wary about the look of the suit - the mask still looks as though it is merely painted on - but considering they have seven months to fix it I'm not too concerned.

Go in depth with our gallery of more than 60 high-res screencaps from the Green Lantern trailer right here.

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