I guess Clint Eastwood doesn't really have any use for the usual marketing hype tricks, given that the only images or concept art or posters or anything we've seen from his film Invictus have come from other sources. Today a completely random site based in New Zealand (via In Contention) has the first-ever image of Morgan Freeman in costume for the film as Nelson Mandela (a contributor to the site was an extra on the set).

Unsurprisingly, Freeman looks perfect in costume-- compare the image above to this shot of Mandela shaking hands with Francois Pienaar, the rugby captain whom Matt Damon is playing in the film. It's all just proof of what we've known for years-- Morgan Freeman is the only person who could possibly have played Mandela. Glad we cleared that up. Invictus, about Mandela's attempts to unite a post-apartheid South Africa through the power of rugby, comes out Dec. 11.

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