If there’s one person I just can’t picture in a fantasy movie, it’s Bill Murray. But he’s doing one anyway, an energy conservation fantasy flick co-starring Tim Robbins called City of Ember.

In it, he plays the Mayor of the amazing city of Ember where people have for generations flourished under magical lights. Until… Ember's once powerful generator is failing . . . and the great lamps that illuminate the city are starting to flicker. It’s up to a pair of teenagers to race against time and unlock clues to the city’s existence before everything goes dark.

Fox Walden has just sent us the first ever stills from the film, one of which features Murray doing what he does best: sucking up to a crowd. I’ll literally watch Bill Murray in anything, so no matter how utterly stupid this movie sounds I’m absolutely dying to see it. Check out both of the brand new City of Ember stills below:

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