It’s hard to put the creeps on a horror movie veteran such as myself, but there’s something about “documentaries” about the supernatural that just get to me. Sure I know they’re not real, but films like this put a feeling on you that you can’t wash off for days. Enter Daniel Stamm and his forthcoming thriller The Last Exorcism.

The story follows Reverend Cotton Marcus on what he has decided will be his last exorcism, which he and a group of filmmakers want to document. You can only imagine how things go. This new clip dropped over at MTV sets up the feel of the movie early by inserting a creepy country kid who is uncomfortable to say the least.

Ever since I saw the first poster for this I have been psyched out of my mind to see the film and this clip is only amplifying that. Scope it out below. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious. You’ll still be able to sleep.

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