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The more we see of Let Me In the better it looks. Fans of the original Swedish movie Let the Right One In, are, understandably nervous. The original film is after all a brutal, unflinching movie about a pre-teen vampire. We’re talking some pretty insane stuff here and when it comes to rated-R content, that’s the sort of thing that Hollywood all too often screws up. More than that, Let Me In arrives amidst a vampire fever which has turned the once fanged and scary monsters into glittery, sexy, fun pals. And that’s not what Let the Right One In was about at all. But our scooper review from a few months ago was filled with nothing but effusive praise for the film, and now there’s this: An amazing clip.

The following embedded video is the first ever clip released from Let Me In. It’s a scene which does not appear in Let the Right One In, which is good, you don’t want them doing a shot by shot remake here. If Matt Reeves is going to remake this movie then it’s important that he bring something new and interesting to it while at the same time staying true to the spirit of the original. And that’s exactly what this clip does. Watch it and feel really good about this remake:

So what did we just watch? In Let Me In Richard Jenkins plays “The Father”, an adult human who lives with Abby the little girl vampire and cares for her. Part of caring for her is feeding her, and to feed her, well he has to go out and kill people. And that’s exactly what he’s doing here. What’s he doing in this kid’s back seat? Watch the movie when it’s released on October 1st to find out.

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