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Aaron Eckhart is no stranger to facial scars. In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight he played Harvey Dent, a character who is, in fact, best known for getting half of his face burned off. When creating that look, however, Nolan largely decided to use CGI, as he wanted to avoid adding to the actor’s face when they were really supposed to be subtracting. It would seem that’s not the case for Eckhart’s newest film, I, Frankenstein.

A user on Flickr (via Coming Soon) has apparently gotten access to the set of the upcoming film and took the opportunity to snap a photo of Eckhart on set and in makeup. It would seem that the person taking the photograph wasn’t supposed to be doing so, as the camera is set fairly far away – which ends up hurting the detail of the image a bit – but that said it’s still a pretty solid picture. You can see the image cropped for clarity below and head over to Flickr to see the full thing.

Directed by Stuart Beattie and based on the comics by Kevin Grevioux, the film stars Aaron Eckhart as Adam, a Frankenstein creature who finds himself fighting in a war between two rival immortals clans. While currently in production, the movie isn't set to come out until February 22, 2013.

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