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It’s not often this day and age that you see a remake of a movie that actually deserves to get a do over. Generally it’s the movie’s with recognizable names that studios are looking to put back on the marquee to try and put butts back in seat. The originals are always good movies, but get ruined by Hollywood greed and a fast tracked production.

At last there is an exception. Fright Night was released in 1985, had a few recognizable names as stars, took a decent $25mil (for the time), but only real horror fans recognize it. It wasn’t a great movie, undeserving of the classic status of the other 80’s slasher franchises like Nightmare, Friday, or Halloween. But since those have all been summarily ruined, particularly Nightmare, it’s time that a movie that can be improved upon and changed without offending the delicate sensibilities of too many people get a shot.

The first image of the David Tennant, replacing Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent, has appeared and if you can spot Dr. Who under that hair and make up then you’re better at this game than I am. Vincent is a washed-up actor hosting Fright Night, a show dedicated to the weird and creepy, the spooky and scary. He is hired by Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) to investigate Brewster’s neighbor, who he believes is a vampire.

There’s a lot of potential for this to be ridiculous in the best ways so hopefully with the stellar cast they’ll be able to give us a campy, fun movie that not only improves upon the original, but becomes it’s own modern horror/comedy classic. Check out the image below or in hi-rez over at STYD.

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