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If Gemma Arterton weren't already the luckiest girl in the world for getting a one-night stand with Daniel Craig before meeting her end in Quantum of Solace, she's now working on Clash of the Titans and playing Sam Worthington's love interest, demi-goddess Io. It may be a while before the British actress can establish herself as a star in her own right, but at least she's got some excellent male companionship in the meantime.

Now we've got our first look at Arterton in the film, thanks to her fansite Gemma Arterton Online. Wrapped in a giant shawl and staring out to sea, she brings to mind Odysseus' Penelope, though I hope she gets to be a bigger part of the action than the woman who waited years and years for her husband to come back from battling mythical creatures. I'm also imagining that there's some rockin' battle gear underneath that shawl, because if you're going to have the Worthington male eye candy, Arterton must follow. Anyway, check out a larger version of the photo above here.

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