Do you think Hugh Jackman knows a thing or two about working with metal? After all he had the strongest stuff on earth (adamantium) fused to his bones for the last couple of years as Wolverine. In his upcoming film Real Steel Hugh gets his hands on some more metal, but this time in the form of gigantic Rock’Em Sock’Em robots. We've got your first look at Jackman standing with a giant, futuristic fighter. He plays a boxing trainer, living in a future where human heavyweight boxers have been substituted with the giant machines that now do battle in the ring. I guess all the real boxers just ended up killing each other.

Shawn Levy (Date Night, Night at the Museum) is directing and has decided to use real, enormous metal robots rather than special effects. So the machine you see Jackman coaching isn’t some computer visual effect; it’s the real deal. The studio made nineteen of the 8 foot tall machines. Motion capture animation is utilized when the robots are actually doing damage to each other in the ring.

Real Steel could be real dumb, but at least they pulled out all the stops in creating the robots as actual characters rather than just throwing together some crappy visuals. Check out the image of Hugh and his robot below along with a photo showing Jackman and Levy plotting their robots moves on set.

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