If you're not eagerly anticipating True Grit's release this December, well, I'm not sure how to talk to you. Not only is it the next movie from the Coen Brothers, not only is it an honest-to-God Western directed by the Coen Brothers, not only is it the first reunion between Jeff Bridges and the Coen Brothers since The Big Lebowski, but it's Jeff Bridges in a role originated by John Wayne that requires him to wear an eyepatch. Oh, and Matt Damon and Josh Brolin are in it too. Oh, and a 13-year-old girl is the main character.

True Grit won't hit theaters until December probably, but that won't keep me from wishing every day it were out already. To tide me and the rest of you over, Paramount (via In Contention) has released the first still from the movie, focusing on Hailee Steinfeld as tough-as-nails Mattie Ross but also featuring Jeff Bridges, eyepatch and all, in character as Rooster Cogburn. It looks gritty and very much like a traditional Western, but you just know there's some trademark Coen oddity lurking in there somewhere. Take a look below and cross your fingers that this means a trailer is coming soon to go with it.

For more detailed information on the project, check out Josh's review of the True Grit remake script right here.

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