Ever since Karl Urban was confirmed as the new Judge Dredd earlier this year, nerds were satisfied that Dr. McCoy and/or Eomer would be embodying the comic book badass, but also wondering how they could ever rectify all the mistakes made by the 1995 Sylvester Stallone take on the material. The biggest question, of course, was about the helmet-- in the comic books the character never removes his helmet, but when you cast an actor relatively well-known like Urban, you kind of assume they'll want to show him off at some point.

Now the first image of Urban in costume has leaked from the set (via this Twitter account, which seems to be connected to the production in some official capacity), and you guys can breathe easy. The helmet is on but reveals the lower half of Urban's face, meaning we'll be able to see him without, you know, seeing him. Check out the full image below and compare and contrast it with this shot from the comics. I'll let you true Judge Dredd fans sort out all the details from there.

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