Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping to get a glimpse at Mr. Johannson all greened up for his role in his latest on an every growing list of super hero films he's starring in. As we suspected, and is mildly confirmed by this image, the suit will not be worn by Reynolds but will be digitally added after the fact by way of Mo-Cap and computer voodoo.

The image dropped over at MTV, and while there isn't much to say about the photo, we can thoroughly conclude that the production of DC's Green Lantern has some of the shittiest on set security ever. Twice in one week we've been fed spy shots of the lead actors in the film trotting along from trailer to trailer; Peter Sarsgaard appeared earlier this week decked out in his borderline disgusting Hector Hammond head piece.

This will do nothing to slake your anticipation of the film, but it can't hurt to know that they're finally getting there asses in gear with it. Check back tomorrow for more spy shots, and for now scope out Reynolds below.

P.S. Check out the cute little doggie at his feet :3

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