To kick off all the comic-fueled frenzy of next week's Comic Con, Entertainment Weekly is bringing us something pretty huge-- the first image of Ryan Reynolds in costume as the Green Lantern. He's the cover boy for this week's Comic Con preview article, which promises all kinds of other exclusives for geek-friendly projects coming up. The rest of the issue hasn't gone online yet, but as you can see, Reynolds and his Ring of Power are available for all to see.

This image is particularly tantalizing since, as you may remember, the Green Lantern's suit is being captured almost entirely in CGI, so even set photos have told us nothing. So what do we think of the final product? Reynolds looks great, of course, though the lines on the suit kind of remind me of those human body models with all the muscles defined-- yes, it emphasizes his famous peeks and abs, but also seems a little creepy. But otherwise everything looks good, and those lines may have some special function I don't know about, so I'm willing to accept it for now.

Click the cover image below for a high-res version and keep checking back for more awesome stuff as the pre-Comic Con excitement ramps up.

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