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Sacha Baron Cohen’s next movie has him playing another strange character, but it is now impossible for him to pull off another one of those “gotcha” movies in which he wanders around embarrassing real people. This one will be a straight improv comedy, and that seems even more clear after the release of the first photo from the film, featuring Sacha Baron Cohen in costume as The Dictator.

Check out the image below:

No matter how big the beard, they haven’t really been able to hide Sacha, and he’s far too famous to pass for a character so ridiculous out in the public eye. It makes sense that they're doing this as a straight up comedy. Besides, Anna Faris co-stars, and wandering around the streets harassing people usually isn't her thing.

The costume was inspired by Saddam Hussein. The movie itself is about a goat herder lookalike who replaces a Saddam-like dictator and must now wander New York City seeking the meaning of life. Actually it’s based on a book Saddam Hussein wrote, called “Zabibah and the King”. Presumably they won’t have to pay him royalties.

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