From getting raped and murdered in a hole in a cornfield to becoming the perfect killing machine, Saoirse Ronan seems to be making her mark in a big way. Oscar nominated at 13, Ronan is on her way to the top of the young Hollywood ladder faster and with more talent than most.

USA Today recently got their ink-covered hands on a first look photo of the young star from her upcoming assassin thriller, Hanna, in which the title character is raised in Finland by her ex-CIA father to be a well-trained, unsupicious killer. Making a disgustingly adorable girl look like a bad ass is a tough task and despite the fact that she is undeniably cute, her cold stare and icy eyes tell the story of her decidedly different upbringing. It doesn't hurt that instead of a rifle she seems to be hunting with an exponentially more brutal bow and arrow.

Hanna is being directed by Joe Wright, of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement fame, and co-stars Eric Bana and a bigger version of Ronan in the form of Cate Blanchett. The film won't be released until 2011, but for now take a look at this picture and expect some more as we roll into the summer.

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