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If you thought that Emile Hirsch and Matthew Fox were the stars of the upcoming Speed Racer, you are probably not a car geek. The one thing from this movie that the Internet goes bonkers for is pictures of the cars, and now there's a new one out there to get the engines revved and the wheels spinning (I can't promise that will be the last set of car metaphors you'll hear from me about this movie).

The Rocket Punch Auto Blog has some photos of the Mach 5, the main rival that will be racing against Speed in the movie. The team driving it is the real-life Japanese racing team Autobacs Racing Team Aguri, a.k.a. ARTA. Their logos are all over the recently-revealed car, which was unveiled this week at the Tokyo Auto Salon. It's crazy futuristic, of course, but even in the future they have product placement. I guess we can be glad it's logos from an obscure (at least for American audiences) racing team rather than Tide or Coca-Cola, right?

Check out a few small versions of the photos here, or go over to Rocket Punch for the high-res versions. I don't know a thing about cars, but even I know this thing is amazing. Happily the Autobacs logo isn't too obnoxious, and actually kind of fits in with the Speed Racer stuff we've seen so far. It looks like the Wachowskis have figured out a smart way to do product placement, and come up with a totally awesome, totally non-CGI car in the process.

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