If you grew up in the 80s, get used to the notion of your childhood being recycled and repackaged. Tonight for instance, a new version of Knight Rider premiered on NBC. It sucked. Maybe this one won’t. We have a first look at the all new, computer animated, big screen adventure of The Smurfs.

Come on, you remember the Smurfs. Smurfy little blue guys, live in mushrooms, no genitalia, one woman for an entire village, bearded leader in a red hat, accosted by a (to them) giant human named Gargamel and his asshole cat Asrael. They started out in 50s Belgian comics, but really made it big on Saturday morning cartoons in the 80s. The Smurfs were everywhere, and if you didn’t at least have one Smurf toy of some sort then you probably weren’t a kid. I for instance, had Smurf colorforms, which were these things you colored in, baked, and then they somehow turned into keepsakes. Actually pretty lame.

Yes, The Smurfs are soon to make a comeback, this time in movie theaters. There have been rumors regarding a possible computer animated Smurf project for some time now, but this is the first actual evidence anyone has smurfed from the production. CS has scored the first ever pictures of the little blue guys being smurfed right into a computer. Below is a sampling of what they have, to see the rest, give them a visit.

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