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There are two things that get manly men really riled up in movies: things that get naked, and things that go VROOOOOM! Today, thanks to theAdventure Rider Forums (via MovieHole), we get our first look at the latter for George Miller’s upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy, who you should all now recognize as Eames the forger from Inception.

The vehicles of the Mad Max series have been iconic from day one. From Max’s own dirty Interceptor to the tank-style trucks slapped together by raiders, everything with wheels in these films is as memorable as the story and the characters. Fury Road looks to be no exception as these pictures tout monster truck qualities mixed with tank treads (mother fucking tank treads!!). Something tells me those treads will have a body count at least as high as Max's.

Mad Max: Fury Road won’t even start filming until early next year so we’ve got a hella long time to wait for the film (followed closely by its sequel) to drop, but for now, this little taste should be enough to sate the post-apocalypse nerds. Take a look at two of the images below and click on either for the full set at Adventure Rider Forums.

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