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A first look at what would appear to be the new A-Team van being used in the currently in production movie has popped up online. Here’s the weird thing: it looks almost exactly like the old van from the TV series. It’s as if Splash News hopped in a time machine to lurk around the set of the old TV series and snap pictures. It really looks like they’ve made no attempt at all to update the thing, just grabbed one from the floor of a rural car show where Dirk Benedict was signing autographs, and rolled it right up onto the new A-Team movie set.

I’ve put together a side-by-side comparison, putting the new van up against the original one from the television show, below. To see more of the A-Team’s new vehicle, click over to Splash News.

New Van

Old Van

The only real difference between the two is that the new one is a little more, well, boring. They’ve ditched the cool red rims. So they’ve upgraded the A-Team van for film by making it slightly less interesting. I hope that philosophy doesn’t also apply to the film’s cast. B.A. needs gold chains and a Mohawk, not a diamond heart pendant and a flat top. The striping is still there though, even if it's a little tough to make out in this picture. And red rims never really made much sense on a van owned by ex-military men anyway. Sturdy, standard GMC seems like the way to go to me.