Lets face it-- The Rock is using Twitter better than you are. Granted, he's got much better opportunities-- his day at work involves wielding giant guns and kissing his own muscles, not avoiding other coworkers in the break room and starring at a computer screen-- but Dwayne Johnson makes better use of Twitter than even most celebrities, tweeting all kinds of photos of his daily life or movie shoots, and hilarious phrases like "To Flex is to Zen." I'm sure that makes sense in context, but I prefer to just think of it as the mysterious koan of The Rock.

Now that G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation is shooting in Louisiana, Johnson can start showing us not just behind-the-scenes action, but looks at the characters and the sets-- at least as much as Paramount will let him. So here we have, courtesy of @TheRock, the first look at his character Roadblock on a desert set that I have a feeling was created in Shreveport, not found locally in some nearby swamp. Check out the image below, along with his pumped-up tweet that accompanied it. Click on it for the huge, huge version available from Twitter.

1st day of shooting. 110 degrees. Bring It. #GIJoe

Much as I like the look of this photo-- and how relatively indistinguishable from any given shot of The Rock in Fast Five-- I mostly like the enthusiasm of his Twitter feed, and wish the guy would be my personal trainer. Not to dis his cinematic skills, but don't you feel like you could do more bench presses with someone that energetic around?

Keep an eye on The Rock's twitter feed for hopefully many more updates from G.I. Joe 2; if you can't handle that much energy and sheer brute strength, though, we'll also be bringing you the highlights.

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