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Releasing old movies on Blu-ray is an excuse to get nostalgic for past favorites. We’ve been doing that all week here on Cinema Blend, celebrating our love of Back to the Future in honor of the trilogy’s Blu-ray release. It’s also become a major, DVD marketing tactic, with the now aged cast of BTTF plastered on magazine covers and showing up on awards shows as part of a reunion tour. Now it’s The Sound of Music’s turn.

The much loved musical is being released on Blu-ray as part of a 45th anniversary celebration and next week on Oprah the entire cast will reunite. Wondering how the Von Trapp family has aged? Here’s your answer, a teaser photo with them all together as adults on the Oprah set:

And here’s how Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and the kids looked back in 1965 in Sound of Music.

Oprah’s Sound of Music reunion episode airs Friday October 29th. If you want to see her yell out their introductions, here’s a teaser for the episode:

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