Finn McMissile, suave super spy and daredevil extraordinaire, is the main event in this sneak peak at Cars 2. The footage is unlisted on YouTube, but has since been discovered and linked around, spreading like wildfire across the internet, as do most things that say “PIXAR” on them.

The video comes from a new viral Twitter account called @ChromeLeaks, which released the following viral video and has a special message at the :57 mark.

Did you catch the link? Follow it, and you'd end up at the clip embedded below, with special introduction by the man in charge, John Lasseter. It shows off new Cars hero Finn McMissile as he maneuvers a very tricky spiral ramp while being chased by seemingly endless waves of enemy cars until finally, in a particularly dardevilish move, he zooms off the edge of a helicopter pad and falls 10 stories into the water. Watch:

What's to become of Finn McMissile? You'll have to wait until June 24th to find out.

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