As most of you know by now the new trailer for The Dark Knight finally popped up online last night here. It’s a doozy of a trailer, not just because it’s well put together… but because it shows the unexpected.

Everyone knows that Harvey Dent is in the movie, and everyone knows that Harvey Dent turns into the scarred villain Two-Face. What probably none of us expected is that they’d show us Harvey Dent actually as Two-Face in this trailer.

He’s there, right at the 2:03 mark, and for those of you that missed it or were unable to freeze-frame it, I've enhanced the image, and dropped it for you below. In the shot you’re looking at the unscarred part of his face, but if you look carefully, you can see the edges of the scarring on the other side of his face. That is Harvey Dent post-accident. That is no longer Harvey Dent. That is Two-Face. Here it is folks, your first look at him:

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