If you’ve seen any of the early pictures of Iron Man 2’s new villain Whiplash, or even caught him in the trailer, then you’ve probably noticed that his costume looks sort of temporary. It has that cobbled together in a cave look that Tony Stark’s early Iron Man costumes have. Now maybe that’s just how Whiplash rolls or maybe what we’ve been shown so far is only an early version of the costume he’ll use in the film.

Marvel is releasing a new comic meant to fill in the details of Whiplash’s life before his appearance in Iron Man 2. It’s called Iron Man vs. Whiplash and they’ve posted an image from the comic on their official site which would seem to show Whiplash’s final costume, the finished product. Click over there to see it bigger. Below you’ll find a side by side comparison of the cobbled together costume we’ve seen so far and Marvel’s artist rendering of the finished product:

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