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Disney has unveiled the first poster for their upcoming computer animated movie, Mars Needs Moms. Unfortunately it’s a film from the team that brought you the ultra-creepy Polar Express and Disney’s A Christmas Carol, rather than in the mold of their great non-motion-capture computer animated movies like Bolt and Meet the Robinsons. Lower your expectations accordingly.

The poster, at least, shows no sign of the performance-cap creepiness which infested those other movies. Here it is:


Mars Needs Moms stars the voice and performance-capture of Seth Green as a 9-year-old named Milo, whose mom is kidnapped by Martians. Apparently these Martians haven’t heard yet that Mars is entirely devoid of life. Maybe they’re hiding under Mount Olympus or something, and NASA just missed them. Milo cares for none of this information, and simply sets out on a quest to save his mom.

For more on Mars Needs Moms visit our preview right here.

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