Right now, your anticipation for The Expendables should have you purchasing mass quantities of fat stogies and punching random passersby in the face. This is the movie to end all action movies and Stallone is coming back to show us that 64 ain’t shit and that he can still beat an extraordinary amount of ass.

This first of five clips that will be released weekly via iTunes until the August 13th release shows off a bit more footage you’ve never seen before, but mostly consists of the above-the-line crew verbally blowing Stallone. Not that it’s a bad thing--the man is putting together what will quite possibly be the biggest action movie of all time, I just expected a little more movie and a little less, “This guy has a tough job.”

We do however get to see a final effects render of a dude getting blown in half whose upper torso takes a trip his legs don’t, courtesy of Dolph Lundgren. It’s pretty sick and if the rest of the movie shapes up like that then we’re going to be in for a gory treat this August.

Check out the clip in HD over at Apple or watch it embedded below, and look for fellow film journalist Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool whose glorious neck beard makes a show stopping appearance..

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