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We already gave you a look at Andrew Garfield in full Spider-Man regalia on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly. Now thanks to Comic Book Movie, we've got a look at what's on the inside, which includes the first official images from the actual movie, plus a portrait of Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone and Gwen Stacy that's part-soap opera, part-modern superhero greatness. Check out a few of the best ones below, and pay close attention to the one that's a scan of the magazine foldout-- there are a lot of photos in there than you have to squint pretty hard to see in detail. Yeah, Martin Sheen's in there somewhere!

They also go into detail about the mechanical web shooters, which we noticed in the very first image released, and which have been fiercely debated ever since then in the kind of geek circles that fiercely debate these things. There's a whole sidebar panel discussion of it in the article, but here's the gist of it:
"…the mechanical web-shooters on Spidey's wrists-- a bit of high-tech gizmology that brainiac Peter Parker first cooked up in the original Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics but that was AWOL from Sam Raimi's trilogy. "We made a very conscious decision to go back to the mechanical web-shooters," says director Marc Webb, "and I think the fans will appreciate it."
The main thing I get from these images, which also came up with a possible description of the first trailer, is a fear that we're just going back through the same origin story territory covered pretty well in the original Spider-Man movie. Yes, I know they keep saying they're adding something more realistic and gritty to it, but everything in those images here look like shots from the Raimi films, just swapping in Gwen Stacy for Mary Jane Watson. A trailer will give us far more clear information, of course, and I'll still be intrigued to see what they show us at Comic Con. But it's been such a short period of time since the original Spider-Man series that I still think they have the burden of proving to us that they're doing something different, and I'm still not sure that's what we're seeing here.

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