Because it's been shooting on the streets of New York for the past few months, the Russell Brand-starring Arthur remake has already been very visible in the press-- thanks to paparazzi photos we've watched Brand in costume as Batman, driving the DeLorean from Back to the Future and even getting a bath from Helen Mirren (well that last one came from Twitter).

Now that the movie has been so overexposed through unofficial sources, it makes sense that they'd finally give an official tour, and to the hometown paper no less. The New York Times visited the set recently and wrote a piece about the challenges of dealing with paparazzi as well as the inherent trouble of remaking a movie that snagged several Oscar nominations. They also got their hands on some official photos from the set, none of which show of anything new but all of them looking better than the paparazzi snaps so far.

Check out two of the images below, and click on either for the full article and the slideshow.

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