Cronenberg, Fassbender, Mortensen, Knightly,Freud and Jung. What do all of those words have in common? They look incredibly awesome when put together in a plot synopsis and that's exactly what A Dangerous Method has done. An adaptation of the play The Talking Cure, the film is about the relationship between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung when a female patient enters their lives. Thus far we've seen some on-set video from the film and some set photos, but now we get our first official look at the film.

Spanish website Soypelopo82 has received the first three stills from the film that feature all of the main players. It's actually somewhat scary how well Fassbender and Mortensen fit their respective parts. While the film has completed filming and has entered post-production, it doesn't have a US distributor just yet so it may be a little while until we actually get to see it (think last quarter of 2011, this one is aimed for award season).

Scope out the photos below and head over to Soypelopo82 to see them full size.

(via The Playlist)

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