In a world of floating heads and crappy Photoshop, it's nice when you see a poster that actually makes an attempt to look good. Decades ago, before the internet made advertising films the easiest job in the world, posters actually had some artistic merit. The first one-sheet for Anton Corbijn's The American hearkens back to that time.

Apple has premiered the first artwork for the George Clooney thriller and if the name "Hitchcock" doesn't immediately spring to mind your brain might be broken. Looking like it's ripped straight out of the 1970s it reminds the viewer of a time when poster artists actually cared. The only way it could only be cooler is if the characters had been painted rather than just photographed, but the silhouette in the "N" more than makes up for it.

Check out the poster below and head on over to our preview to see the film's full synopsis.

In case you missed the movie's great trailer the first time around, here's a reminder:

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