I'll admit it: I like quirky movies. All too often I find myself sitting and watching movies with familiar tones and humor, but the occasional quirky title can change things just enough to put a smile on my face. If the trailer is any indication, I'll be showing teeth while watching Beginners.

Apple has posted the first Mike Mills film, starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, and Melanie Laurent. Set all the way back in the year 2003, the protagonist, Oliver (McGregor) who, in the span of a few months, learns that his father (Plummer) has a) come out of the closet at age 75, and b) has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Reflecting back on his relationship with his father, he tries to come to terms with the news.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over on Apple.

While the film is a drama, and certainly has the potential to go really dark, my favorite parts of this trailer were the lighter moments, particularly the intro with the dog (a nice new spin on an old idea) and the father's introduction to house music. I really like the cast they assembled here and I'm really hoping that Christopher Plummer gets to stick around for a while in the story. Color me intrigued.

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