For some reason, I expected Crazy Stupid Love to be highly mediocre. It has a great cast and lofty enough subject matter, but for whatever reason most of these larger budget movies about love, even if they're about losing love, seem to work their way toward the middle. Let me say loudly and for the record that I was wrong. Not like slightly off-base wrong, flat-out, irrefutably wrong. The trailer for the film dropped today at Apple, where you can watch it in HD, and it's one of the best I've seen in a long time. I'm not going to guarantee it'll be great, but with excerpts like these, I'm very confident in very good.

Crazy Stupid Love follows Steve Carell's character who's just been cheated on by his wife. Devastated and prone to crying spells at work, he meets and befriends a suave and sophisticated lady's man played by Ryan Gosling who shows him the ropes. Together they hit the town, carousing and picking up women, at least until Carell starts realizing his wife might still be the right one and Gosling starts realizing the new girl he's met might be more than a one night stand. It sounds a little overdone and clichéd when discussed in its simplicity, but the teaser makes it look like so much more. Have a look…

True fact, I actually knew a guy who barrel rolled out of a car after his girlfriend told him she cheated. He screwed up his arm pretty badly, but everyone thought he was a total badass from that day forward. High school is a little less complicated than the real world. Something tells me the four main characters in Crazy Stupid Love already know that, but the way it's presented in this trailer makes it all seem fresh and new. More importantly, it's great to see Steve Carell get back to his loveable, heartbroken self. He's a comedic talent of the highest order, but up to this point, his best roles have all seen him playing understated rather than over-the-top. No offense to The Office, but I'll take 40 Year Old Virgin every time.

Crazy Stupid Love opens on July 29th. Get excited.

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