Joe Dante has been creeping back into the spotlight recently, but not for the reason you might expect. His new movie The Hole has mostly been overshadowed by rumors and conjecture surrounding the possibility of a Gremlins 3, or as he expects, a full-blown Gremlins reboot.

The Hole, however, finally has a trailer out to start spreading the word for the director's latest effort, and it looks, well, meh. At some points it looks like a made-for-TV movie and at others it looks like a goofy 80s faux-horror that Dante has such a strong handle on. The film is being marketed as The Hole in 3D trying desperately to play up the appeal of the film to the masses who can't get enough of the gimmick.

While the movie doesn't look bad, it does look cheap. Dante's resume proves that he HAS made great movies in the past, but the question remains if he can STILL make good movies in the present. Check out the trailer for The Hole below (via Twitch Film) and see if you think he's still got what it takes to make an instant classic like The 'burbs.

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