When you consider how the film careers of most pop stars pan out, one has to admit that Mandy Moore has done quite well for herself. While she's never put on what people would consider an Oscar worthy performance and has done quite a few bad films, she does consistently get work and starred in one of my favorite movies from last year, Tangled. You get the sense that she could be doing a lot more with her career, but unfortunately she keeps making movies like Love Wedding Marriage.

Yahoo! has premiered the first trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy, which sees Moore star alongside Kellan Lutz, James Brolin, Jane Seymour and Jessica Szohr. In the film, Moore plays a relationship counselor who his suddenly hit with two pieces of life changing news: her parents are getting divorced and her boyfriend has proposed. Finding herself invested in trying to get her parents back together before their anniversary party, she finds herself and her fiancee growing apart.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over on Yahoo!

I think it would be hyperbole to say that this movie looks bad, but it does look exceedingly mediocre. We've seen the situations before and even the jokes are repetitive. Dermot Mulroney, who directed the film, also seems to really like close-ups, as you can practically count the pores on all of the actors' faces. It's entirely possible that Love Wedding Marriage could be a surprise, but if that's the case, this trailer isn't selling it well.

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