Rather than remaking everything in sight, wouldn't it be nice of Hollywood would simply clean up and re-release some of those original old movies instead? Tim Burton had no problem remaking and ruining Willy Wonka, but apparently he has more respect for his own material. The Nightmare Before Christmas is being spiffed up and digitized for a fantastic re-release this fall using Disney's new Digital 3D technology.

Count me as excited. Nightmare isn't very old, but it's s standard when it comes to holiday classics. Which holiday you ask? Take your pick. It works well enough for Christmas, but it's a nice Halloween fit.

Disney is re-releasing it for Halloween, and it arrives in theaters in a gorgeous looking new format on October 20th. Walt's boys have just given us the first new trailer for the film's Digital 3D re-release, and even though it's being watched on a computer, you can really see the difference their new depth producing tech has made. It's stunning.

Watch the trailer immediately, but clicking over to our Nightmare Before Christmas in Disney Digital 3D video page here.

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