There's been a countdown clock running for days on the official Battleship website, and as of this morning it's hit zero, revealing the first ever trailer for Battleship, Peter Berg's epic new film that, yes, is based on the famous board game. Starring Taylor Kitsch as a Navy man who just wants to marry Brooklyn Decker but can't get the approval of fellow Navy man Liam Neeson-- jeez, that guy is good at playing hard-ass dads-- the action really kicks off when the Naval fleet sees a mysterious force out in the water and it turns out to be… aliens. Yes, we've got Cowboys & Aliens in theaters right now, so how about Sailors & Aliens for next summer? Take a look at the trailer below, which can also be viewed in HD at Yahoo! Movies.

The trailer somewhat awkwardly sets up what must be the main character conflict, as Kitsch and Neeson overcome their differences in order to fight off the alien menace, but doesn't give us much about how this humans vs. aliens battle might shake out, which I kind of like. The effects for the alien ships are interesting too, and as bizarre as it seems to add extra-terrestrials to a movie based on a board game that was all classic naval strategy, it is kind of neat to see familiar alien ships doing unfamiliar things, like jumping out of the water as if they were killer whales. But as we've known all along, this movie's success is going to come down to Peter Berg, the director of Hancock and Friday Night Lights who does seem smart enough to make this something worthwhile. It's hard to really gauge that from the trailer-- they're trying to dazzle us with special effects and gruff Liam Neeson, and it's kinda working-- but hopefully as the story becomes clearer we'll have a better sense of what Berg is adding here.

Yes, it's still an adaptation of a board game, but on some level this looks original and possibly fun. Battleship hits theaters May 18 next year.

For more on the movie, including your first look at the poster, visit our Battleship database page.

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