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If you watch the new trailer for the Ryan Gosling-Michelle Williams film Blue Valentine posted below, you'll see it as a nice, sweet, gentle romantic comedy. You have Gosling playing the ukulele and singing in a strange voice while Williams dances around in a red top and a black skirt. Little do you know, it's apparently a hardcore affair - at least, according to the MPAA.

Deadline reports that the ratings board has slapped the film with a deadly NC-17, a rating that will undoubtedly keep it out of mainstream theaters unless changed. According to the site, the harsh rating comes from one particular scene in which Gosling and Williams spend a night away at a hotel to repair their relationship. What's bizarre is that while the scene is said to make you squirm, there's no violence and barely any nudity. The film has been garnering a great deal of buzz and is thought to be a contender come Oscar season, but an NC-17 could effectively kill that. There is no word yet as to how the studio, The Weinstein Company, will react to the rating.

Check out the short, sweet trailer below, courtesy of Yahoo, and feel free to shake your fist and scream "Damn you, MPAA!"