While those that aren't fans of the Twlight franchise were most likely disappointed by the results of this year's MTV Movie Awards, the show was not without its highlights. We had no problem with Sandra Bullock making-out with Scarlett Johansson, and "Stunt Kidz" was a funny skit, but from high-wire acts to the most touching speech of the night, these are our top five moments from tonight's show.

5) Cast From The Other Guys Takes To The Sky
You have Will Ferrell complaining about his crotch being trapped in a harness, Samuel L. Jackson quoting Ezekiel 25:17, and Mark Wahlberg expressing his desire to land on Eva Mendes' face a la Bruno and Eminem during the 2009 Awards Show. What's not to love?

4) Zach Galifianakis Gets Swagger Lessons from Taavon
He might be funny as hell (which would explain the Best Comedic Performance Award), but Zach doesn't lead the world in the style category. Fortunately, Taavon, and his inability to sit on anything that isn't purple, is here to help.

3) Ken Jeong's Acceptance Speech For Best WTF Moment
He might have gotten the award for jumping naked out a trunk, but Jeong's speech was by far the most heartfelt and emotional moment of the show.

2) Aziz Ansari Demolishes The 3D Craze In His Opening Monologue
Ansari got a lot of attention when he went on the internet and ranted against Digital IMAX, which has since earned the nickname "LIEMAX." We are not the biggest fans of post-production 3D here at Cinema Blend, and it was nice to see a similar opinion expressed at such a big event. Ansari pointing out how ludicrous it is to call 3D movies "real" and saying Avatar looks like a video game is probably the most public bashing of Hollywood's newest cash cow yet.

1) Les Grossman Outdances A Fly Girl, Ed Helms and Ken Jeong Take Us On A Journey Through The Cloudscape of Dreams
This is just an epic three-minute clip. I have seen way more of Ken Jeong's than I think should be legally allowed and it's hard not to appreciate Tom Cruise actually doing something that makes him likable. How he does that while playing an asshole Hollywood producer is a complete mystery, but there it is.

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