Winter's Tale
No, Riding A Pretend Pegasus Is The Worst
After Goldsman assured us the performance pressure of sex scenes makes them an unenviable business, Farrell was quick to correct him. "I don’t know that I agree. I really don’t." Having won laughs from the press, he continued carefully, "Maybe that’s awfully sleazy and cheap of me, but it’s not that I get personal kicks or gratification from them, but I do think that human touch in whatever form it comes in--as long as that form is one that is mutually compassionate and respectful--is a really gorgeous thing. So, while it is an atmosphere of absolute artifice and it’s not romantic and it’s never going to be sexy, if two people who are involved in it are on the same page and taking care of each other, there are worse days in the office."

For Farrell that worse day at the office involved straddling barrel-painted green and meant to play stand-in for the flying white horse his character rides throughout Manhattan. "No altitude sickness or fear of heights involved, because I was actually in a green screen studio, sitting on a barrel," he recalled, "It was one of the more mortifying experiences, and I’d it take way after I’d choose a love scene."

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