This time of year can be depressing for movie fans. All the Oscar bait is already out in theaters, all the potential blockbusters on hold until at least March, and even TV is on hold for another week or so. But before you start thinking January is just going to be a dumping ground of movies the studios can't figure out how to release any other time, don't forget about The Green Hornet, the new movie directed by Michel Gondry and starring Seth Rogen that may easily be the oddest team we'll see this year (although, of course, there's plenty of time left to prove that wrong).

As I wrote in my early reaction to the movie, The Green Hornet isn't nearly the debacle you might expect from the January release date, and actually does a nice job meshing the classic dapper superhero with Gondry's visual style and Rogen's humor. It's definitely something to look forward to amid the January doldrums, and if posters are the kinds of things that help you do that, here are four new characters posters to feast over. They premiered at IMP Awards and clearly come from a Korean marketing campaign (I'm not 100% up on my Asian languages though, so please tell me if that's not Korean). They're pretty simple but flashy all the same, and do a good job of reminding you, hey, Christoph Waltz is in this movie!

Check out the posters below, and find The Green Hornet in theaters starting January 14.

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