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While I totally understand that the tone of the film is meant to be dark and the arrival of the last film marks the end of an era, the marketing for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 has been remarkably glum. I'm not referring to the muted colors, the fire and ash, or even the sullen faces. I'm talking about the damn tagline.

The Harry Potter Facebook page has launched another four character banners from the film in the series, and just like all of the others, it's most defining characteristic is the white, bold letters reading "IT ALL ENDS," a short sentence that reminds us all of the first time we learned about death and the frailty of life. Yes, our parents and relatives explain to us that life is not eternal and everyone eventually passes away, but what they don't do is grab you by the shoulders and shake you while screaming that we're doomed at that "IT ALL ENDS." The point is that subtly and care are important.

Check out the four new posters below.

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