Yesterday here we told you about a rumored speed bump in the road on the way to an Avatar sequel. What’s the problem? Cameron isn't in a rush to do it. Today THR came right out and confirmed the whole mess by getting a comment from News Corp head honcho Rupert Murdoch who was quick to caution everyone not to “hold your breath for an early one.” Avatar 2 is coming, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming quickly.

But it’s not all bad news. The sequel is happening, we’re just not sure when. And while you wait, you’ll have Avatar on DVD to watch over and over and over again until your friends disavow you and your parents kick you out of their basement and we ban your IP address from their site because we're sick of you spamming our comments section with Jake Sully fan fiction. In fact you’ll have it on DVD sooner rather than later.

Though Fox plans to keep Avatar running in theaters as long as possible, Murdoch says that once it’s out of theaters, the DVD should show up “soon after.” In particular they’re targeting a June 30 release date, though don’t hold your breath for 3D DVD. The technology for it just isn’t quite there yet. Besides, why release it in 3D DVD right off the bat when you can force people to buy the movie twice with two separate releases? Fox likes your money. It likes it even better when it gets it twice for the same movie.

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