After the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers 3D concert movies mad e a fortune for Disney, and Paramount did even better with their 3D concert film/documentary about Justin Bieber, it makes perfect sense for every other studio to try to get in on the mini-genre. And lucky for Fox, they happen to have another musical tween sensation already in their fold. So now we have it: Glee. In Theaters. In 3D. And it's called, for simplicity's sake, Glee! Live! 3D!

Deadline doesn't have many more details, other than that the entire extravaganza hits on August 12 for a two-week engagement, and will be a movie version of the Glee live North America tour that kicks off on May 21. Fame's Kevin Tancharoen will take over directing duties on the film, which will also feature behind-the-scenes footage, but hopefully not the kind of extensive biography that Justin Bieber got (don't we all know as much about Cory Monteith as we'll ever need to, anyway?). If you've managed to avoid the 3D concert movie scourge until now you probably don't have to worry too much about being infected by this one. But hardcore Gleeks who weren't able to afford tickets to the actual live show, your moment has finally arrived.

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