Remember when Fox was awesome? When it was just that company on Channel 11 (at least in Los Angeles) that showed all those really cool shows like The Simpsons and Married with Children and Malcolm in the Middle and Family Guy? When it was that studio that released great movies like Die Hard and Home Alone. When they didn’t run the country’s most ridiculous, almost caricature-like, news channel. Those were the days.

Now Fox is that lame company that pulls a bunch of fan-hating stunts in an attempt to make up for their loss in ticket sales. Well, at least one dude isn’t taking it anymore (him and a bunch of people he got to jump onboard). ChicagoNow reports that Victor Lozano is filing a class-action lawsuit against FoxStore for sending him unauthorized text messages regarding their movie related products. The texts contained such spammy, unwanted content as "GEAR UP 4 THE HILARIOUS ANIMATED FILM ROBOTS ON DVD @FOXSTORE.COM." The suit is calling for FoxStore to halt the text messages as well as pay damages to Victor and anyone who received the messages.

I’m no lawyer, but I imagine that there’s going to be some minor loophole that will get Fox out of this. They didn’t get Victor’s number magically. I’m sure he bought a product through the store, forgot to unclick something and blammo! Texts messages. Besides, unless Fox sent him hundreds of texts, how substantial can the damages be? Sounds like a case the Judge Judy needs to get on. Immediately.

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