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Especially given how many times we've seen celebrities spin the revolving door of rehab centers all over Southern California, I'm amazed a spec script along the lines of Sam Laybourne's hasn't popped up before. According to THR, Laybourne's comedy spec Rehab has been picked up by Fox, the studio finally brave enough to recognize addiction as comic gold.

Well, in this case, the main character at least isn't an addict, but a guy trying to get back together with his high school sweetheart, a rock star taking a breather in rehab. Will Gluck and Peter Chernin will produce the script, and Gluck wants to direct it, even though he made one of my most-loathed movies of 2009, the cheerleader comedy Fired Up! The Rehab concept sounds pretty promising, but as soon as you associate that with the childish antics of Fired Up!, my interest wanes considerably. Gluck's got the Emma Stone comedy Easy A coming out in the meantime, so maybe he can make it up to me somehow.

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